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Hello and welcome to our web site, We are Andy and Sam and this is our travel diary. We would like to share this with you and the occasional blog from Sam, so come along with us on our adventures

We got the camping bug as soon as we met and for several years tenting all over France and Switzerland, from looking at the North Face of the Eiger to the beaches of the Atlantic, through sun, rain and storms.

All was fine until one day we kept looking at all those campervans parked up near us, taking 10mins to set up and 10mins to pack up, we were hooked.

That was Autumn 09, we spent the winter and spring going around shows and visiting dealers and trying to decide what we wanted and how big. Initially I wanted the old fashion VW but reality sets in and it wasn’t practical for our needs as we wanted to take my Mum and Dad away occasionally, they were in their late 70’s so a nonstarter. Imagine you are on a campsite seeing that, you would laugh for a week!

So a proper motorhome was what was needed. Now you will realize that the field of choice is mind blowing, that’s where the Management side of me comes out, lists started of our needs, pros/cons, magazines pawed over, books read, vans sat in, costs worked out and of course people’s opinions listen to.

Eventually all was decided and a short list compiled but it all went to pot when we saw our van, the cons’ dropped and the lists disappeared and we were ‘sold on it’ as they say.

So in October 10 we were proud owners of a 7mtr Motorhome. Let the dreaming start, straight away we were off to Brighton for a weekend to get accustomed to things, that over onto bigger adventures.

Over the last 5yrs we have been to Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Nederland’s and of course our favorite, France covering 30,000 miles in the process.

In January 2016 we decided to take a 3mth career break from April and go for an extended tour of Spain whilst planning for this we took the decision to put the house up for sale thinking it will take months to sale and go through which would give us time to evaluate the new life we had set ourselves up for,  we were wrong it sold in a week. So with the adventure already planned we went ahead.

Within 4 wks we knew we made the right choice and our new path in life was a go.



Travelling through Europe in a motorhome