Gallery for France/Spain autumn/winter 2017-18

Montreuil Pas-de-Calais 14/03/18

This is normal last stop, just an hours drive to the tunnel tomorrow.  After arriving early we actually looked around the town from the wall that almost surrounds it.

Courville-sur-Eure 13/03/18

A place we have stopped before next to a small river which has overflowed onto the grass pitches. Luckily there is a gravel car park that we could stay the night.

Jarnac, France 12/03/18

A stop here to say hello to our previous Australian neighbours Michael, Sue and Grubie.

‘Angels breath’ black buildings from the distilled cognac in the area.

Mortagne-sur-Gironde, France 11/03/18

Morella, Spain 10/03/18

Second attempt because the snow has gone.

A beautiful three course meal in restaurant that you could easily just walk past.

Peñíscola 09/03/18

Farewell lunch with our German neighbours, Waldemar and Monica with their Friend Lola. We leave tomorrow so Waldemar is hosting.

Sant Mateu, Spain 06/03/18

Ermita de la Mare de Déu dels Àngels

Peñíscola 03/03/18

This is becoming a habit. It’s our German neighbours turn today with Squid and it tasted ssooo good.

Peñíscola 28/02/18

Our Australian neighbour asked us to go to his van in the afternoon just for a drink. No chairs as it was a chance for us all to stretch our legs as it had been raining all day.

Michael also decided to cook some sausages which were really nice.

Snacks included this strange olive/pickle combination which actually comes in this shape!

Peñíscola 26/02/18

Half a suckling pig today cooked slowly on the rotisserie.

It came out really nice and everybody loved it.

Even Grubie found it tasty!

Of course the meal was followed with the various shots.

Peñíscola 25/02/18

We had a whole chicken on the rotisserie and our neighbours kept coming over to watch it cook so when it was finished Andy took bits to them all to have a taste. This led to an afternoon of drinking and chatting by the van.

Vineròs 22/02/18

Sant Mateu 16/02/18

This is all that is left of the ancient graveyard.

Some strange but ok tapas in the square.

A restored bread oven that is in the tourist information office.

The restored but unused communal laundry baths.

Benicarlo 13/02/18

Still can not believe how cheap things are here. Only €1.30 for a beer.

Peñíscola 11/02/18

Beautiful sky tonight, it looked like it was on fire.

Morella 09/02/18

Took the Duke to Morella as the weather didn’t seem too bad but didn’t realise there was snow there. After a nice coffee to warm us back up we turned around and came back home. It is definately a place that we need to come back to when there is no snow.

Peñíscola 07/02/18

Saw this today and thought it was brilliant! Translation is ‘ Do not dream your life, live your dream ‘

Peñíscola 31/01/18

There was a Bicycle race today that started in Orepesa del Mar through Valencia and ending in Peñíscola so we waited at the finish line for them. An hour later the cycalists came through and 3 seconds later it was over!

Before the finale, Andy thought he would dip his feet.

He was the only person in shorts and t-shirt!

The Spanish seem to take their security very seriously. What we thought was just a race was obviously something more because all these armed police turned up and stationed themselves along the the route. One of them behind me!

Peñíscola, Spain 29/01/18

We have reached Peñíscola and not sure how long we are going to stay so we set up the kitchen tent that was purchased during our two weeks back in England.


Reaching the Pyrénées to find the tunnel was closed and the main road through. We didn’t want to take a chance with our size and weight on the smaller roads so we back tracked and went along the east coast.

Sully-sur-Loire, France 27/01/18

After a couple of weeks of being at home we head back towards Spain again stopping next to a Château. The aire has a bendy access to it and last time was a sign telling us the max length to fit but the sign is gone. Andy looks and says he will fit…..

It was a bit of a squeeze but he made it.

Benicássim, Spain 09/01/18

After seeing our friends Wim and Elly cooking with a rotisserie we decided to invest in one. The food came out really good!

Pamplona, Spain 05/01/18

The start of the bull run ……..

then along these streets……

to finish at the bull ring.

Montreuil, France 17/11/17

Verteuil-Sur-Charente, France 15/11/17

The best duck meal I have ever eaten!

Hagetmau, France 14/11/17

Had a brilliant pizza here.

Oloron-ste-Marie 14/11/17

This was going to be our stop for the night but the pizza place that was recommended was closed for refurbishment so after a look around the town we moved on to Hagetmau.

Albarracín, Spain 13/11/17

The most beautiful village in Spain which we drove through a sand storm to get to.

Benicássim, Spain 12/11/17

Bicycle ride from Benicássim to Oropesa along an old railway line.

Further along the cycle route is Marina d’Or which is like a ghost town this time of year.

Took a walk along the coast towards Castelló and ended up walking 18km! We had some nice calamari and a beer halfway.

Walked to a ruined Carmelite convent in the Desierto de las Palmas. A bit disappointed when we got there as the ruins were fenced off and the walk was nearly 15km.

We met a wonderful Swedish lady, Maj ( pronounced Mia ) and she invited us to a street party. We made 2 different flavoured chicken skewers which everybody seemed to enjoy.

A day was spent in Valencia.

Valencia train station.

Valencia cathedral.

This chalice is said to have beeen used by Jesus at the last meal.

The city of arts and sciences.

Of course there had to be a Kebab at some point in the trip!

Valencia bull ring.

The last day in Benicássim was spent on the beach.

We met some fantastic people while we here.

Ron and Carole from Grimsby.

Maj and Claes from Sweden.

Fiona and Douglas from Scotland.

There were many more that we didn’t get photos of.

Peñíscola, Spain 28/10/17

It was a bit tight getting the van in but we had plenty of people trying to help guide Andy in.

A beautiful dog opposite our pitch with such a great character who had paws like a bear.

Peñíscola has a beautiful beach.

Stopped to have a sangria with a sea view.

Even though the sangria was a strong cava one, Andy still continued with his own when we got back to the van.

Andy found a soul mate named Roy who actually cleaned his van more than Andy (which I didn’t think was possible!) with his wife Liz. Roy gave Andy a good tip for his sangria, put a shot of brandy or gin in which he has done ever since.

Had dinner with 2 other couples Dave and Cathy and Dave and Joy.

Found a really nice restaurant called Sant Antoni but when we went back for another meal it had closed for the winter.

Andys new tipple after Sant Antoni giving us some after our dinner.

Because Sant Antoni was closed we tried the restaurant across the road that was recommended by Roy and Liz, El Porton.

El Porton was the only restaurant open in that road.

The local beach artist.

Castillo de Peñíscola.

The streets around the castle are narrow with lots of little shops and a house covered in shells.

Alcossebre, Spain 11/10/17

Càlig 08/10/17

A beautiful pool at the campsite l’Orangerie.

Met a nice couple Gill and Richard.

The town centre.

Everybody stopped to talk to this Dutch couple about their 40 year old Citroen H class.

We had to taste a fresh Valencia orange. Only took one and shared it.

Delta d’ l’Ebre 04/10/17

Rice fields fed by the river.

Small roads to get to the aire but we didn’t have any problems.

Night before the Catalonian referendum we came across people blockading a school ready to have their votes in the morning. There wasn’t any trouble just people having a good time with a live band.

The day of the strike where every shop (except the occasional bakery ) was closed, even restaurants and everybody was gathered in the town centre with nearly every tractor in the region there.

The Delta d’ l’Ebra has a flock of Flamingos that have colonised there.

Palamos, Spain 30/09/17

The sea is so clear and the beach very clean.

Walking around the coast and a random little cove of buildings. Holiday lets maybe?

The first meal in Spain which could have been better!

Luckily it didn’t put us off trying again and found this really nice place on the beach.

This is what we thought about the food.

It was so good that we had to go again.

Castle of Sant Esteve de Mar with Andy trying to do a where’s Wally impression.

A very busy Saturday evening.

Saint Privat, France 23/09/17

Andy’s new Tilly hat.

A walk up the hill next to the campsite and discovered ruins at the top.

The views at the top were fantastic!

Im sure Wim and Elly’s dog Sky is part fish.

A cooking lesson from Wim on ratatouille.

A walk along the river next to the campsite……

and of course Andy has to get his feet wet.

Each journey should contain a first. On this journey was the first time I’ve known a tomato plant to be growing on the river bed.

Andy doesn’t like heights so I got on the roof to clean the sky lights.

We each took turns to cook the evening meals.

Pont d’arc / Gorges de l’Ardèche 16/09/17

Aubenas 14/09/17

Not many photographs in this city as it wasn’t the sort of place we like visiting.

Le Puy 08/09/17

Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Puy. One of the many starting points for the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela where the pilgrim is blessed before their journey.

The iron statue of Norte-Dame ( The Virgin Mary ) which can also be accessed via the Cathédrale.

The very last ladder inside the statue.

St Michel d’Aiguihe Chapel.


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