Gallery for Germany 2018

13/05/18 Kehl, Germany

A short walk along the river Rhine and you cross a footbridge to Strasbourg, France.

Remains of a mammoth displayed outside the Cathedral.

The cathedral was magnificent and was free to go inside.

Generous donations.

We found a fantastic pizzeria on a side street.

A tram ride back to Kehl and there was a street festival on.

12/05/18 Gengenbach, Germany

I can’t seem to find any information on this pedestrian bridge across the Kinzig river which has pictures of different countries.

Whilst out taking a short walk after dinner, we found a park that had a few animals in.

A stellplatz with plenty of room…….


The 24 windows of of the 18th century town hall represent the 24 windows windows of an advent calendar.

10/05/18 Schapbach, Germany

Wolf and bear park where 7 wolves, 9 bears and 2 Lynx have been rescued from around the world.

07/05/18 Baiersbronn, Germany

Just a car park but we managed to get next to the grass so it was like our own little pitch.

So many bikes use the roads around the Black Forest.

I don’t think this man appreciated me taking his photo.

8km to Freudenstadt passing an old copper mine.

05/05/18 Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, Germany

A stellplatz belonging to a spa hotel who let you use their toilets and shower facilities which is included in the price.

Day 2 of 4 was a 13km walk to Bad Griesbach.

2km was added to the walk because Andy had seen on google earth a ski slope and this is the only view that we got!

Almost 17km to Glaswaldsee and back, climbing the equivalent of 205 flights of stairs.

Glaswaldsee is a lake that is sunk into the steep eastern mountainside of the Lettstädter Höhe, a nature reserve since 1960.

02/05/18 Triberg, Germany

Gemany’s highest waterfall, 160 meters flowing down 7 cascades.

With plenty of wildlife around that wait for the visitors to give them food. You can purchase monkey nuts at the entrance to feed the red squirrels.

Somewhere you can sit and contemplate life.

Even the birds are quite tame looking for the left overs of the nuts.

The first time that I have ever seen a nutcracker.

The front of this shop is amazing! The bear on the right is moving up and down his rope.

The buildings in the town have different pictures throughout.

01/05/18 Schluchsee, Germany

We found this cute little restaurant that served really nice food.

Just a car park but a beautiful area.

The ants nests are huge with what looks like millions of ants!

We didnt didn’t walk around the whole lake as it’s 7.5km long and 1.4km wide.

29/04/18 Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany

Feels strange being in Germany and Switzerland is on the other side of the river

Walking into Switzerland

27/04/18 Colmar, France

The indoor market where you can eat and drink by the canal

Little Venice

24/04/18 Trier, Germany

The best preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps

Trier cathedral and Germany’s earliest Gothic church







21/04/18 Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Markthal

We wasn’t quite sure what this is?

Grafitti artist in action

Travelling through Europe in a motorhome