Gallery for Le Grand Bornand 2018

23/09/18 Han-Sur-Lesse, Belgium

Seems like a wonderful town but it was very stormy so not much exploring.

22/09/18 Dinant, Belgium

Europes hardest biscuit

Adolph Sax – Inventor of the saxophone

We found a beautiful buffet Chinese called ‘Golden Wok’

20/09/18 Luxembourg

18/09/18 Nomexy, France

Didnt stay here long as the workmen on the railway started at 7.30am and the canal was empty?

Luxeuil-Les-Bains, France

17/09/18 Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne, France

Grotte Sarrasine

Source du Lison

Creux Billard

15/09/18 Seyssel, France

13/09/18 Le Grand-Bornand

Farewell, see you soon Wim and Elly.

12/09/18 Le Petite-Bornand-Les-Glières

11/09/18 Manigod to tete Cabeau

10/09/18 Lake Annecy / Les Confins

09/09/18 La Grand-Bornand

Dinner with Wim and Elly for Andy’s birthday

08/09/18 Le Grand-Bornand to Rosay to Mont Lachat


07/09/18 La Clusaz

05/09/18 Market day in La Grand-Bornand

04/09/18 Col de la Colombière

03/09/18 Lormay

02/09/18 Les Confins

Travelling through Europe in a motorhome