Maps,Campsites and Tours

Here you can follow our Trips and the Campsites/ Aires we have stayed at, I have also added the places we visited on the Duke so as to demonstrate that by having the bike we can expand our field of travel without having to pack up and move on every other day. I hope you enjoy investigating the places we have been to.

We primary use two web sites to plan our stays

We use Campercontact for choosing the aires, this is a Dutch site and the Dutch always seem to find nice places,

Both of these have apps for your phone, the ACSI app is free if you buy the card and  Campercontact costs £4.99 for the full version

we have just started using the app Park4night which has proved very useful in Norway and will be using this a lot when wild camping.

Overview map of our travels since April 2016

May -July 2019 Norway and Sweden

After visiting Norway & Sweden in 2017 and loving it we’ve decided to go back to primary see the lower half of Norway taking in Telemark , Bergen, the famous Atlantic road and Geirangerfjord (where all the cruise ships go). We will be 90% wild camping as it’s a tad bit expensive so every little bit saved is an extra.

January – February 2019 Germany and Austria

we will be going away for 6 wks taking in the sights of Salzburg and Vienna via the southeastern area of Bavaria hopefully doing one of our favourite things, walking in the snow. As usual with our German trips we will be staying on stellplatz ensuring the cost is low allowing more money for all that mulled wine we drink

April – June 2018, Germany

This route will be for 5 weeks. We will ultimately be following the famous B500 through the Black Forest. this road is in the top 20 rated ‘best drives’ roads of Europe. we are only stopping at 2 campsites this time the rest being stellplatz

September- November 2017, France & Spain

This Autumn we will be heading off to France & Spain again only this time we will spend more time in Spain enjoying hopefully the warm sunshine, the main difference this time will be less driving and stops with only 10 planned so giving us a more relaxing time

April-July 2017, Scandinavia

Our trip will take us through Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland taking the major cities but more importantly the stunning landscape and wildlife, Our ultimate goal is to venture through the Artic circle all the way up to Nordkapp which is the furthest you can travel northwards in Europe, there we will celebrate the Summer solstice with 1000’s of other people experiencing the midnight sun,

January 2017

Our planned trip in January is to the castles and ski slopes of Baveria, Germany, the planned route is one overnight stay at Bingen and then straight on to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to go walking on the Alpspitze mountain, moving on from there to a small town in Austria called Bichlbach, it was here that age the age of 13 I went on my 1st European trip with the school to play learning how to ski, needless to I never got beyond the stage of learning how to do the Snowplough, then we move on to Fussen and hopefully visit the 2 castles.

All the planned stops are Stellplatz (the German equivalent of French Aires)

September 2016

Our September / November trip took us through the Dordorgne area then spending 2wks in the costa Brava at Roses, up through Provence.

I  planned less stops. I have used different drop pins for ACSI sites and Aires.

April 2016

For our 1st trip we decided to head for Spain as we thought that this would be the best choice to see whether this experiment would work, we mainly stayed on campsites as Spainish  aires are not to the same standard as French and German ones.

Travelling through Europe in a motorhome