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12/05/18 Gengenbach, Germany

The traditional, medieval town centre is the proud owner of the worlds biggest advent calendar. The 24 windows of the 18th century town hall represent the 24 windows of an advent calendar.


A stellplatz was quite roomy and not many vans so everybody was leaving a bit of room between themselves until a British van turned and parked directly next to us! There wasn’t anybody on the other side of them so you would think they would park to enable their habitation door to open on the other side but no.


10/05/18 Schapbach, Germany

This campsite was so we could visit the Wolf and Bear park that was just along the road. In our wisdom we followed the signs which took us through the forest, 660m uphill and 2 hours to get there. The park has 9 bears, 7 wolves and 2 lynx in quite large enclosures to roam around in. The bears came really close to the fence, the wolves were sleeping and there was no sighting of the lynx. It was only €7 each entrance fee so it was pretty good.


When end we had finished, the decision was to follow the road back which took us 20 minutes!

07/05/18 Baiersbronn, Germany

Just a car park in the town but we got a space next to the grass so it was like a pitch on a campsite.


Baiersbronn is famous as a centre of haute cuisine, having 8 Michelin stars in total. According to the New York Times, “Baiersbronn is now on its way to becoming recognised as the worlds most unexpected restaurant capital.”

A walk to Freudenstadt, 8km away passing an old copper and iron mine ( which was closed ) where we found a beautiful Italian restaurant.


05/05/18 Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, Germany

The original stop was going to be Triberg which has Germany’s highest waterfall, 160 meters down into 7 cascades. After walking down it, looking around the town and then back up the waterfall, we felt that it wasn’t a place to stay any longer and moved on.

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach is famous because a German publicist, politician and Reich finance minister, Matthias Erzberger was murdered here for signing the armistice between Germany and the Allies. He was assassinated by the right wing terrorist group, organisation Consul on 26th August 1921 whilst going out for a walk.

The stellplatz is in the grounds of a hotel spa so you could use their toilet and shower facilities and is a good base for walking to Griesbach, Oppenau and Glaswaldsee. A total of 73,579 steps, 49km and 363 flights of stairs in 3 days.

An extra 2 kilometres were walked to Bad Griesbach because Andy wanted to see a ski slope………


01/05/18 Schluchsee, Germany

A reservoir lake that is Germany’s highest reservoir ( 3050ft above sea level ) and also the largest lake in the Black Forest. We started to walk along the waters edge for what seemed a while but when you look at the map, it was just a fraction of the size of the lake.

29/04/18 Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany

Two days were spent here on the border of Switzerland. Day one was a walk along the river Reine passing some interesting pieces of art…..

and then crossing a bridge bridge into Switzerland

It’s so strange walking along the river and knowing that the other side is a different country.

Day 2 was a 2 hour cycle ride along the river Reine ( 19.71km ) in the opposite direction, across the bridge into Switzerland, and then back into Germany further down the river. The temperature reached 29 degrees today ( who needs Spain? ), even I needed some shade when I got back.

27/04/18 Colmar, France

A nice aire at the prt de plaisance on the canal. Colmar is where the creator of the Statue of Liberty is from, Frédéric August’s Bartholdi.

The old town of Colmar is quite a beautiful place and if you get a map then it will show you a route to see all there is to see from the old hospital to little Venice to the old water tower

or you can just follow the little Liberty Enlightening the World signs that point the way around the town.

24/04/18 Trier, Germany

Trier may be the oldest city in Germany. The historical record describes the Roman Empire subduing the Treveri in the 1st century BC. There are ruins of Roman baths that you can visit and also the best preserved roman city gate North of the Alps.

1581-1593 was when the Trier witch trials were held, perhaps the largest witch trial in European history. The persecutions started in the diocese of Trier in 1581 and reached the city itself in 1587, where it was to lead to the death of about 368 people, and was as such perhaps the biggest mass execution in Europe in peacetime.

The cathedral of Trier and Germany’s earliest Gothic church, The Liebfrauenkirche built at the beginning of the 13th century are actually joined together.

23/04/18 Antwerp, Belgium

A weekend stop with Jade and Vince to start the trip off. We all spent a day in Rotterdam which literally got its name because back in 1270 a dam was built on the Rotte river and people started settling around it. Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port and has Netherlands second largest population behind Amsterdam. I found the Markthal fascinating with food stalls through the middle and apartments in an arch around them.

You would need a whole day just to walk around the market so we only looked around a small part before having lunch at a great pizza/pasta restaurant where they cook your food in front of you and you choose what goes into it. Parking is really expensive on the roadside at €8 for two hours but you can pre-book a parking place costing €10 for about nine hours!

A visit to Vince parents new home in the countryside which was really beautiful and peaceful, with lunch and of course some Sunday bubbly. From there it was back to the apartment so Andy could fit a sink for Jade and Vince.

I think he done a really great job seeing as he has never fitted one from scratch before.

Travelling through Europe in a motorhome