Gallery for Scandinavia 2017

Lelystad, Netherlands 06/07/17

Dokkum, Netherlands 04/07/17

Bremerhaven, Germany 30/06/17

Stade, Germany 28/06/17

Grünendeich, Germany 27/06/17

Horsten, Germany 25/06/17

Schleswig, Germany 22/06/17

Copenhagen, Denmark 20/07/17

A student house capable of housing 12 students

Building known as the black diamond due to its shape and the water reflection making it sparkle

Parliment buildings

Freetown Christiania

The playhouse

Street food market

The opera house

The little mermaid which really is little!

The royal yacht which we saw in Helsinki coming back into Harbour

Helsingborg, Sweden 17/06/17


Värnamo, Sweden 15/06/17

Tåkerns Naturreservat, Sweden 14:06/17

Vadstena, Sweden 11/06/17

Borensberg, Sweden 09/06/17

Stockholm, Sweden 08/06/17

Raseborg, Finland 05/06/17

Helsinki, Finland 01/06/17

Tortoises everywhere around the town?!

St Johns church

Russian orthodox cathedral

Helsinki cathedral

Scandenavian ice breakers

Between North cape and Hamina, Finland 29/05/17

North cape 22/05/17

E69, the only road to the North cape 21/05/17

Storslett, Norway 18/05/17

Skipbotn, Norway 17/05/17

Bjerkvik, Norway17/05/17

The Lofoten islands 16/05/17

The Viking museum, Borg, Norway 15/05/17

Eggum, Norway 15/05/17

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Henningsvaer/ Kleppstad Norway 13/05/17

Laupstad 13/05/17

Loedingen, Norway 12/05/17

Ferry crossing from Bognes to Loedingen 12/05/17

Innhavet, Norway 11/05/17

Crossing the artic circle 09/05/17

Trofors, Norway 08/05/17


Trondheim, Norway 06/05/17

Randsverk, Norway 05/05/17

Fåberg, Norway 03/05/17

Arjäng, Sweden 01/05/17

Trollhattan, Sweden 29/04/17

Knebel, Denmark 28/04/17

Ribe, Denmark 27/04/17

Osterby, Denmark 26/04/17

Schacht-Audorf, Germany 24/04/17

Drimmelen, Germany 23/04/17

Travelling through Europe in a motorhome